Nazire [nah-zee-reh]; in kind
Towels and textiles made with an ethical approach, deep-rooted in cherished Turkish tradition. Each piece is handmade by local artisans with patience, nurtured to offer charm and high-quality purpose. It’s here we celebrate and support their practices, and the artform of sustainable craftsmanship to create functional art that will be treasured for a lifetime

[Unfold the Nazire way.] 


Nazire [nah-zee-re];

In kind with sustainability, ethical sourcing and cherished traditional practices. Here at Nazire we have built a slow lifestyle collection that emulates comfort with a handwoven touch. 

Our towels and textiles are durable with these clever woven techniques, incredibly soft to touch with 100% natural material,  beautiful with a contemporary twist using traditional design. 

Nazire’s Journey began when our founder Julide Mindemir’s avid passion for design and interiors was met with her Turkish heritage. Its namesake honours her grandmother who lived her whole life as a traditional Turkish Village woman. Her frequent trips to see family in Turkey bared the way of simple living — handcrafting, cultivating and living off the land stood timeless. 

Through this enriching experience, Nazire transposes the authenticity of Turkish practices by creating handwoven originals with a contemporary twist, designed to last a lifetime and crafted with comfort in mind.