Much like the care put into hand making it, your towel needs to be treated with some extra TLC to ensure quality is long lasting. These care instructions will keep it looking immaculate and feel brand new, after every wash


A pre-wash helps expand and softly break in cotton fibres, allowing for optimal absorbance in a shorter amount of time. Tumble drying allows for any excess fluff to be removed, and prevents the towel from pilling.  Your Nazire towel arrives pre-washed, so a pre-wash isn’t vital but will help achieve maximum absorption from your first use. 

Place your towels on a cold water cycle, and then tumble dry afterward.

Pre soaking your towels speeds up the process of breaking in the cotton so that it can become more absorbent quicker. Soak your thick towels in cold water for 24 hours and hang to dry. 



Use natural laundry detergent, with a gentle cold or warm (30-40C) machine wash cycle. 

To ensure longevity of the natural fibres, ensure not to use bleach or fabric softeners. Only place towels with items that will not catch on their loops or tassels. They’ll still remain soft after cleaning. 

After washing either hang to dry or tumble dry. Towels are dryer friendly on a cool-to-medium cycle. To ensure fibres aren’t damaged, be mindful of overdrying



Use sharp scissors to snip the cotton thread if it becomes loose. The towel will not unravel or disrupt the material. 

For pestemals, find the end of the thread and carefully pull it through. Refrain from tugging away or cutting on these loose threads as it can damage the fabric. 



Nazire towels are all crafted with hand tied tassels and fringes. If a tassel’s knot comes undone, simply tie the threads back into its loop.



A natural treatment can help remove any stains that may occur on your towels. We recommend a simple concoction of baking soda (¼ cup) and white vinegar (1 cup) to spot treat and wash your towel in. 

Ensure not to use bleach or fabric softeners. These can weaken the natural fibres and weaken their absorbency properties (and soft-to-touch feel).